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Executive Summary

The Lake Nona Education Initiative is a consortium of over 30 institutions designing an education system for the Lake Nona community in southeast Orlando.  Together, we created a Collaborative Education Master Plan.  Our immediate educational priority is to take a “bookend” approach by first focusing on High Schools and Early Childhood Development; then, working inward toward elementary and middle school.  From our success here, we will broaden our scope to workforce development, continuing education, college, and older adults.

Accomplishments – What have we done thus far?
We are setting the stage for the large and impending influx of learners coming to Lake Nona.  The challenge is timing our programs and offerings to meet this influx.  Here is what we have accomplished thus far:

  1. Created a consortium of 70+ professionals who are experts in various areas of education and who support the Lake Nona community.
  2. Drafted a Collaborative Education Master Plan for Lake Nona.
  3. Prioritized Strategic Projects that we can work on now in order to be ready for the impending influx of learners and organizations.
  4. Established a non-profit foundation to begin coordinating a grant application and funding campaign for education at Lake Nona.

Distinctiveness – What makes this process unique?
We are leveraging the strength and success of existing education partners and programs throughout Central Florida, while inviting in the best from around the world to join us. This is unique because most education planning processes operate in silos (e.g., public versus private).  Here, we are crossing traditional lines and forging unique ventures to invent “out of the box” solutions. This approach is rooted in the Lake Nona mission and vision – to create the ideal place that inspires human potential through collaborative innovation.

ROI – What evidence supports making education a priority?
There are several models for calculating an ROI on education related initiatives.  Below is a list of variables that demonstrate the potential impact of a collaborative education system on the Lake Nona community:

Students & Families
•    Positive learner trajectory
•    Higher student performance
•    Less education related interventions
•    More prepared for career and life

•    Increase citizenship behaviors
•    High quality of life
•    “Best Place to Live” reputation
•    Higher land values (and tax revenues)

•    Attract, develop, and retain skilled workers
•    Higher productivity
•    Less withdrawal (absent, tardy, and turnover)
•    Greater innovation and reduced waste and error  

•    High businesses, community partners, grants, and sponsors.
•    New programs and creative solutions
•    Disperse work and responsibility
•    Increase funding and resource sharing

•    Government funding specific to
      collaborative education initiatives
•    Private donors
•    Philanthropic organizations
•    Business investment and sponsorship