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Our Collaborative Master Plan

The 70+ professionals worked together over five Charrettes (4 and ½ days of collaborative work) to develop the following strategic plan and strategic projects.  This is a living document that will grow as we implement and learn.


The Lake Nona Education Initiative, based in southeast Orlando, is to be a global model for education collaboration.


We are building a consortium of partners focused on innovating an education system that will unleash superior achievement – providing learners with the most cutting edge knowledge and skills necessary to creatively address 21st century challenges in pursuit of their dreams and ambitions.


The participants in the process have identified the goals they will accomplish together.

  1. Palette of Educational Pathways. Provide customized and compelling portfolio of schools and program options that meet the unique needs of all learners.
  2. Accelerated Learning Programs. Develop programs that enable students of differing abilities to realize their educational goals quickly and efficiently.
  3. Practical Experience & Exposure. Create educational opportunities and training for students to learn in the field addressing “real life” challenges and possibilities.
  4. Advanced Life Sciences & Biotechnology Niche. Offer a comprehensive set of leading-edge courses that prepare students for careers in life sciences and biotechnology.
  5. Partner with Medical City. Build a bridge between the schools and Medical City partners in order to:  a. meet the needs of Medical City, and b. connect the expertise in Medical City to as many students as possible.
  6. Service Leadership & Mentorship. Facilitate a variety of ways for the community and students to participate in an contribute to broad based volunteerism.  
  7. Maximize Opportunities to Align Resources. Utilize potential synergies to creatively save and share resources.


The participants in the process have identified the ways in which we will work together in order to realize the master plan.

  1. Share Our Practices. We assertively find ways to share our learning and success in order to encourage and advance Central Florida’s education system and beyond.
  2. Evidence Based Design. We develop programs that are built on research, experience, and practices from around the world.
  3. Inclusion. We include diversity of viewpoints, populations, and services in order to ensure we serve all learners in the community.
  4. Leadership Engagement. We bring together the best educators and educational leadership to promote innovation and broad-based execution by involving the whole community.
  5. Continuous Improvement & Accountability. We monitor progress, learn together, and ensure follow through on our commitments.  
  6. Vigilance. We choose to be attentive to our whole community and persist in proactively co-creating the best learning environment for southeast Orlando.
  7. Coopetition. We collaborate with a healthy blend of competition and cooperation.